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Serving Those Who Protect & Serve

Prior to Kenny obtaining his status as a Realtor, he served in law enforcement for 10 years.  Though he no longer wears the shield to work, he proudly supports those who do. This site is a place to find information on local cop friendly businesses, local precinct donations, and to remember those who gave everything in their service. If you have a resource that you think would benefit this community, contact Kenny with the details. Make it a great, safe day.

A Passion for Real Estate

Kenny has worked in Real Estate for over 10 years. Kenny’s passion for real estate is contagious to those he serves. He treats each client as if they were his own family and takes a stressful process and consistently turns it into an enjoyable experience. Kenny believes in providing as many options as possible so that his clients can make an informed, educated decision.

Show Support for Fallen Officers

Officer Down Memorial Page for national information

Assist the Officer for the Dallas PD

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